Heal Yoga is an infrared-heated yoga studio located in Terrace, BC.  Join us for group yoga classes, private sessions, and special events.  We’d love to have you be a part of our community of health, hope, and healing.

Yoga Classes For All

Heal Yoga is a welcoming and inclusive studio located in the lovely community of Terrace, British Columbia. Whether you’re new to yoga classes or a skilled practitioner, we invite you join our classes.  Under the expert guidance of Dr. Virginia Russell, you’ll receive instruction in various yoga styles. In our peaceful, infrared-heated studio, we’ll focus on joints and ligaments, toning muscles, and strengthening the core. Overall, here’s what you can expect when you join Heal Yoga:

  • Yoga Classes For All.  We offer yoga classes for people of all abilities and body types.  From seniors to young people to those with injuries, we work to personalize your practice.  Above all, we want to make you feel welcome!
  • Love and Acceptance.  We believe that yoga can be a way to improve many aspects of your life.  This includes physical health, mental balance, and overall harmony. We blend neuroscience, yoga techniques, and trauma-theory together to help you create change.
  • Individual Attention.  We are a locally owned yoga studio with small class sizes.  As a result, our instructors get to know you personally.  That means they can tailor each yoga class to suit your skill level while helping you grow.

About Dr. Virginia Russell

For more than two decades, Virginia Russell has been a regular practitioner of yoga. While in South Africa, she completed 200 hours of Hatha training at Jivananda Yoga Shala.  Afterwards she became a Registered Yoga Teacher and founded Heal Yoga.

Recently, Dr. Russell returned to Canada and brought Heal Yoga with her to Terrace, BC.  To learn more about Virginia and Heal Yoga, visit our About Us page.

I like the way Virginia accepts everyone for themselves, including their abilities, size, and age. She's always willing to offer or demonstrate variations of poses or stretches if needed while encouraging each person to do what is available to them. Her enthusiasm is contagious.

I am so glad I found Heal Yoga. When I first started I couldn't stretch much and pretty much always fell out of the balances pose but everyone was really supportive and encouraging. I especially liked the instructor telling me more than once to remember it is yoga practice, not yoga perfect.