Benefits Of Infrared Yoga

Heal Yoga is proud to be the first yoga studio in Terrace, British Columbia, to offer infrared heated yoga classes. We’ve installed special infrared heating panels in our ceiling that will gently radiate heat downwards to get your body warm without raising the air temperature to uncomfortable levels. This opens up the possibilities for hot yoga!

You may already be aware of some of the benefits of hot yoga.  It’s better for your muscles – research shows that stretching after your muscles are warm is safer than stretching when they’re cold.  It also helps burn more calories.  One study even showed that hot yoga could double the number of calories burned as compared to a regular yoga session!

Practicing yoga in an infrared heated studio will allow you to see some of these same benefits, but the infrared heat may also offer some additional bonuses.  It’s been said that it helps with pain and arthritis, which may allow you to attend classes when you’re feeling stiff and sore.  The increased perspiration may also help improve your skin tone and general circulation.

Take a quick peek at our upcoming classes and consider signing up for one of our  hot yoga sessions to take advantage of our infrared heating!