The Foundations Of Yoga

One of our favourite resources for those new to yoga is the Yoga With Adriene YouTube channel.  Adriene offers hundreds of free, high quality videos about yoga and mindfulness to inspire people of all ages, shapes, and sizes to start doing yoga right from the comfort of their home. Her channel is the perfect ‘yoga for beginners’ tool we know!

To help those who are completely new to the practice, Adriene has created a Foundations Of Yoga video playlist.  Each short video covers a different pose or posture in a detailed way that is perfect for beginners, so you can completely understand how to position your body in a way that feels right to you.

The Foundations Of Yoga video playlist starts with sukhasana (the easy pose) and moves on to 44 others through the course of the ‘yoga for beginners’ series.  Click the video below to start watching and then access the other videos in the playlist to build a strong foundation in your own life.


Once you’ve mastered the basics with this series of videos, we have another recommendation: her 30 Days Of Yoga playlist which you can read about here.  By practicing a little bit of yoga each day, you’ll start building a habit that will sustain you through stressful moments, major life changes, and other events.