Benefits Of Infrared Yoga

Heal Yoga is proud to be the first yoga studio in Terrace, British Columbia, to offer infrared heated yoga classes. We've installed special infrared heating panels in our ceiling that will gently radiate heat downwards to get your body warm without raising the air temperature to uncomfortable levels. This opens…

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The Foundations Of Yoga

One of our favourite resources for those new to yoga is the Yoga With Adriene YouTube channel.  Adriene offers hundreds of free, high quality videos about yoga and mindfulness.  Her goal is to inspire people of all ages, shapes, and sizes to start doing yoga from the comfort of their…

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Build A Daily Yoga Habit

Looking for ways you can move yoga from a once-in-a-while exercise to a daily practice?  We've come across a wonderful video series from the internet's most well-known yogi, Adriene Mishler.  Founder of the popular YouTube channel Yoga With Adriene, she has long worked to make yoga accessible.  As long as…

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Etiquette In The Studio

Are you new to yoga, or a new to the Heal Yoga studio?  Read this article to learn about our studio etiquette so you can fit in and feel comfortable attending our classes.Preparing For Your ClassDrink plenty of water throughout the day to ensure you are well hydrated.  You may…

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