Heal Yoga is a membership based studio.  To become a member, visit our Contact Us page and send us a message.  We’ll get in touch with you to start the registration process.  We’d be happy to tell you about Heal Yoga, discuss what you’re looking for, and how we might help.  If you have questions about how the membership program works, the history of Heal Yoga, and how we give back within the community, we can answer those questions as well!

The registration process involves completing a yoga liability waiver (we need to keep it on file) and setting up a profile for you in our studio booking system.  Once your profile is set up, you can book classes whenever you want.  We are also in the unique position of having a referral system with Northwest Integrative Health Centre.  If you have any concerns about your well-being, we can connect you with their practitioners for massage, chiropractic, naturopathic, and mental health support services.

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Send us a message about becoming a member of Heal Yoga and we’ll get in touch to start the registration process!